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SNCM Game 5 Carrier Cup

Posted by edbread on June 13, 2015 at 10:40 AM Comments comments (1)

Results Game 4

Brendon Saad scores da winner !

combined for 9 hits and blocks !

Galfer 2 for the win and 5 bonus pts !
total 9 pts

Josh draws a blank this round
total 4 pts

Tyler 2 for the win with Palat combined for 8 ...close
total 4 pts

scurds 2 for the win and Kieth @ 7 combined
total 4 pts

ed 2 for the win finally ! da Hammer 3 blocks
total 2 pts

Bart 0 this round total 2 pts  

Scott 0

choose the player with the highest number of shots on goal

ties will be awarded !

SNCM Game 4

Posted by edbread on June 9, 2015 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (1)

Please accept my apoligy for inticing you all to play and doing the unthinkable and not only miss my deadline but miss the dance too !

Won't go into what went on cause it doesn't matter .Fail .

BUT , thats no reason not to have a game 4 seeing as we all got the same on the last one .   

 Results :Josh 2 for TB = 4 total
Ed 0 again 
  Scurds 0        = 2 
 Bart 2             =2
      Ty 2            =2 
  Galf 2            = 2
  Vapor 2         = 2 
     Scott 0

Game 4

pick winning team

winning goal scorer

bonus points 5 

which player, on either team, combined hits and blocks scores highest ...Thats total registered combining hits and blocks amoungest players picked in our little pool here

highest number ...5 pts !


Good Luck !

Game 2 SNCM Carrier Cup

Posted by edbread on June 6, 2015 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (4)

Results game 1

" />

Antione Vermette scores the GWG !

Cory Crawford faced 23 Shots !

Josh = 2 pts for the Hawks win
Scurds = 2 pts Hawks win

Ark , Scott , Ty and Ed = 0 pts

this weeks bonus points go to the player with most penalty minutes from either team ...ties will be awarded

SNCM Cup Final 2015

Posted by edbread on May 31, 2015 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (4)

This weeks bonus is how many shot on goal the winning goalie faces whomever he is


Welcome to the SaturdayNightCageMatch !
The SNCM offers you an oppurtunity to call it as you see it .

Please feel free to do just that with ferver and of course accountability as we will tally your results here .

heres how it works

pick a winner (2pts)

tell us who scores the winner.. GWG ..(2pts)

answer the bonus challenge  (5pts)

please look for an email or check your favorite site for access to the next CageMatch !

The Greg Allen Carrier Cup is up for grabs !

SNCM Windup

Posted by edbread on April 18, 2014 at 10:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Hey guys . How ya likin' da playoffs so far ? Many great teams made the dance !

A word to the wise , iffen' like me your team didn't don't be throwin' them under the bus just yet ., it's the NHL ...the most competative league on the planet !

Last Weeks Numbers

Jared - 2+2+2+5
Ed - 2
Josh - 2+2
Jeff - 2+2+2+5
Kev - 2+2+2+5
Ty - 2+2+5
Mac - 2+2+2+5
Scurds - 2+2+2+5
Galf - 2

and now i ask you,is not the following fitting ?!

Our Reigning First Half Champ is Greg Carrier ! 

2014 Second Half Results 

Jared- 58

Nick- 31

Ty- 47

Ken - 4

Ed- 47

Josh - 45

Jon - 2

Kev - 39

Mac- 13

Scurds- 22

Jeff -54

Galfur -4

Congrats to Jared Carrier for splitting the season Championship with his all time Champ his Dad Greg !

The SNCM loves you both !

SNCM Season Finale

Posted by edbread on April 12, 2014 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (1)

howdy Guys , well the end of season is here and for the most part the table is set !

heres hoping you all enjoy your playoff menu . too bad we all could not be represented but true fans of the game just love to watch and cheer for their underdog or alternate .

I have mixed feelings for hockey right now as my Oil shit the bed again . tonight will be the last game for my current favorite , perhaps all time favorite Ryan Smyth hangs em up ....sorta feeling old and irrelevent given pending changes to the handling of coverage as well . CBC just announced huge cuts this week , coupled with Rogers takeover and another great for me , Cherry will almost certianly be chased away by the political police and push for all that is young and new .

Perhaps my time has passed but I'm sure the game will continue to entertain and thrill another generation to come .

Last games results

jOSH - 2+2+5
tY - 2
eD -0
nICK- 2+3+2+2+5

Congrats to our Weekly Champion Jared !

This Weeks Featured Games !

PhiladelphiaatPittsburgh3:00 PM

NY RangersatMontreal7:00 PM

DetroitatSt. Louis12:30 PM Sunday

2 pts for the winning team ....3 for the GWG scorer

and 5 bonus points for guessing two of the three games correctly !

SNCM Spoiler Alert !

Posted by edbread on March 29, 2014 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (1)

Good day folks's a great day for hockey ! At least that what we the fan think , not so sure for them NHL teams that are already playing the spOILERS !

Tonight may mark the beginning or the end of some teams dreams , lets se if we can address that with our featured games !

Last Weeks Results ! Right off the hop lets all give it up for Jeff and his record making pics ! He guessed every featured game and player , even telling us how many shots it would take Backes !

            master picker !
                      Jeff ...ZZ420

                Rangers / Nash / 4 shots

/ Cammalleri / 2 shots

/ Backes / 3 shots

Jeff --- 2+3+2+3+2+3+5 bonus = 20 pts

Josh --- 2+3

Ed--- 2

Jared --- 2

Tyler --- 2

Kev --- 2

Nick and Scurds --- not so good

Featured Games 

DetroitatToronto7:00 PM

WinnipegatLos Angeles10:00 PM

BostonatPhiladelphia12:30 PM Sunday !


Almost forgot ....5 bonus points for telling us which team , Bee's or Flyers , amasses the most PIM 's !

SNCM Bus Rivalry Edition !

Posted by edbread on March 22, 2014 at 3:35 PM Comments comments (4)

Hey , folks . Life gets in the way once in a while , late is better then early I hope .

Really enjoyed the bonus point requirment last week , thanks for playing along .

Heres how it went

Da Habs came back with that big goal from ...Boullion , what ? ... his first in a thousand games or so lol .

Ducks pulled it off with some dude called Maroon scoring the clincher .

and the Flyers made it a sweep Read playin' the broom !

Last weeks Champion  ZZ420 ....Jeff ! --- 11 pts

Josh --- 7
Ed ---9
Jared --- 9
Ty --- 9
Kev _-- 9
Scurds -- 9
Nick --- 7

On with the Show This is It !



NY RangersatNew Jersey7:00 PM

CalgaryatEdmonton10:00 PM

St. LouisatPittsburgh1:00 PM

                                                      Sunday !

2pts for the winng team

3pts for the GWG

and the bonus 5 points this week is how many shots on goal does the GWG winning goal scorer have total .

sleeman cream ale

Posted by the immortal $curds on March 15, 2014 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (5)

my favorite beer. it tastes great, comes in a cool bottle, and goes great with a hockey game and a bowl of doritos.

 its made right up the road in Guelph, and is a good employer for the area. if i drink beer its sleeman cream ale. because its brewed down the road in guelph, is purely canadian,  and i love the fact that the workers threw out their union when they got fed up with the representation, and chose to be represented by the teamsters.

SNCM St. Patrick Day PickFest !

Posted by edbread on March 15, 2014 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Morning Gents ! The weekends here as is yet again , more snow !

We can let it get to us a OR we can embrace snow and hockey ...I say both will be done soon enough so enjoy !

hears how it played out last week

Sens / Turris
Bees /Smith
Rangers / Boyle

This weeks Champ is Nick !

TY -- 2
Kev-- 2
Jeff -- 2
Ed --- 2
Josh-- 2
Nick -- 2 + 2
Scurds -- 0

Nobody picked our top PIM getter ....Jared Cowen !

Booby Prize goes to ....

Scurdsy !

Happy St. Paddys Day !

so here's the lineup

at Montreal

7:00 PM

Anaheim at Los Angeles

10:30 PM

Philadelphia at Pittsburgh

Sunday @ 12:30 PM

pick the winner of each featured game for 2 pts

3 pts for picking the winning goal scorer each match

5 bonus points SNCM St. Patrick Day special !

Name your favorite beer and post somewhere a link expressing how you feel about it !